Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Started Delivering Cars

Source: Internet, Xinhua

Jan.08, Shanghai
World-leading electric car manufacturer Tesla has finished building its factory in Shanghai recently and yesterday they started delivering the first batch of Model 3 to the clients at the ceremony.
The Shanghai gigafactory also launched a new project for Model Y, an SUV (sport utility vehicle) with 280 mi range (450 km) and optional for 7 seats.

This factory in Shanghai cost only one year to start manufacturing, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla said, it’s amazing that the Shanghai team made such nice progress, also thanks to the support from the Chinese government and Shanghai government.

The Speed of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory

In July.2018, Tesla signed an agreement with the Shanghai municipal government for building the factory. In October 2018, the company got approval for the 864,885 sqm land in Lingang area, it’s the largest foreign-invested manufacturing project in Shanghai compare with the others.

On Jan. 7, 2019, when this area was still a wasteland, the construction of the Shanghai gigafactory began. Then trial production started in 10 months. The first 15 Model 3 cars were announced to deliver to their employees on Dec. 30.2019.

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