Shiseido Opens Beauty Innovation Hub In Shanghai

Shiseido’s New Nasu Factory in Ohtawara City, Japan

Source: Internet

Shiseido, the Japanese personal care leader opened its Beauty Innovation Hub in Shanghai, China in January of 2020.
As a China-grown cosmetic brand, the company Shiseido is taking a new approach to meeting the requirement of the local customers, with its attractive prices and decent quality.
The Hub will start fully operating in April, but since January it already did a soft launch, it will promote innovations for both current and new businesses, to have better responding to the market trends in China.

The company also has other activities in the Asia market, In 2019, Shiseido has completed the construction of Nasu Factory in Ohtawara City, ​The Nasu Factory serves as a manufacturing facility for medium-to-high-priced skincare products such as ELIXIR for Japan and overseas markets. In accordance with the international standard ISO 22716, the factory is designed and fully equipped to realize “high quality”, which is Shiseido’s strength, and offers a work environment where people supporting in delivering the high quality can work comfortably and grow further. Meanwhile, the Nasu Factory aims to act not just as a factory but as a communication base for Shiseido and its brands together with the people in the neighborhood.

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