suppShanghai Digital Economy Innovation Summit 2019

2019.Oct.29, Shanghai

​Shanghai Digital Economy Innovation Summit 2019 is been launched recently on Oct.29, gathered hundreds of visitors from blockchain, finance, and big-data sectors. The organizers include the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Xinhua Culture & Technology Zone, and Shanghai Suzhou-River-Bay Investment Holding.
At the innovation challenge competition in the summit, new blockchain-based projects have been unveiled to the audience, the member of Shanghai Insurance Association presented management platform for company annuity (employer pension plan), which solved repeated work when doing reconciliation between multiple finance institutes, also it makes less cumbersome work when transferring personal account to another company. Another supplier chain management project from RT-Mart is trying to make the data with IoT (internet of thing), more traceable, more reliable and more decentralized.

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