In China, More Business Are Been Developed Via Live Video And Short Video

LUO Yonghao, a famous Chinese influencer in the IT sector, is selling Xiaomi mobile

Source: Internet

More businesses are been developed via live video and short video in China, where the businesses are recovering from the COVID-19 issue. Those merchants include not only shopping malls, but also home appliances, mobile phones, cosmetics, foods, training courses, and etc. The online business volume reached a new record high recently.

The leading brands and influencers are taking action too, such as LUO Yonghao (famous influencers in the IT sector), DONG Mingzhu (founder of Gree Electric), ABC Cooking studio, are selling products and services in a new way to resume and grow the revenue ASAP.

Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of the board, Gree Electric, is promoting air conditioners and other home appliances via live video platform
LIU Shishi (right), Chinese Actress, Celebrity, is promoting cosmetic and skincare products
ABC Cooking Studio, an offline cooking training institute, teaches making bread, plum liquor and to promote their paid course

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