Inner-Mongolia Exhibition And Trade Show 2019

2019.Sep.28, Shanghai

“Inner Mongolian Taste” — Exhibition and Trade Show was opened in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center, the exhibitors are from all over the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, such as Alxa, Bayan Nur, Hohhot, Hulunbuir, Hinggan, Ordos, Ulanqab, Wuhai and etc, who presented the Agriculture Product, Animal Husbandry Products, Food (Cuisine) and Hand Made Crafts to the public.

The Exhibition attracted visitors from Shanghai and nearby, to see and taste the specialties from Inner Mongolia includes Canola Oil, Rice, Tomato, Lamb, Beef, Inner Mongolian Cheese, Buryat Bun, Inner Mongolian Milk Tea, Sea Buckthorns Juice, Onion Wine, Salt, Traditional Hand Made Dress, etc.

This event was organized by the Bureau of Commerce, Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Bureau of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. Support by the Commerce Chamber of Inner Mongolia in Shanghai, 2019 is also the 10th anniversary for the Commerce Chamber, ZHENG Haisheng, the Chairman of the chamber gave a speech in this event.

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