IDC Names 10 Most Innovative Projects 2022 In The Asia Pacific

IDC Supply Chain Technology Leaders 2022
Stephanie Krishnan, Associate Vice President, Manufacturing and Energy Insights, IDC
An image from IDC
  • “Connected Network” by Western Digital — A Digital Twin that generated a cost-saving opportunity of USD 4.4 million and helped reduce delivery lead time by 2 to 5 days through shipping direct to end-customers.
  • “Theory of Constraints (TOC) Implementation” by Prism Johnson Limited — Identifies system constraints, decides on how to exploit these constraints, maximizes throughput, elevates the system constraints, and prepares the organization’s ongoing process improvements.
  • “Supply Chain Control Tower” by LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology (LCFC) (Lenovo) — An intelligent operation center that integrates all the digital systems. It provides LCFC with E2E data visibility and visual management, an alert and event management mechanism, and intelligent analysis and simulation.
  • “Digital Supply Chain Enabled by the JDM Business Model” by Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. — A Digital Supply Chain Enabled by the JDM Business Model that has helped by increasing delivery efficiency by 40%, eliminating delivery risk for 150,000 units, achieving over 15% revenue growth, and rising from third to second in the world for server shipments.
  • “Lenovo Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)” by Lenovo — A Lenovo self-designed product for the Asia Pacific region. SCI uses machine learning and AI technology to analyze and propose solutions to reach autonomous control of daily supply chain operations.
  • “LCFC Supplier Collaboration Platform” by LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology (LCFC) (Lenovo) — A cloud-based LCFC Supplier Collaboration Platform that connects nearly 400 global suppliers, visualizes inventory, helps improve the suppliers’ order fulfillment rate, and has reduced inventory costs by nearly USD 1 Million.
  • “Goose” by MYbank Co., Ltd. — A set of digital supply chain financial service solutions that has cooperated with more than 600 brands, covering over 20 industries. For SMEs, the average loan availability rate has reached 80% from 30%. The efficiency of financial personnel managing stores has increased by 100 times.
  • “Building a Deforestation Free Palm Oil Supply Chain” by Unilever — Unilever has partnered with Google Cloud to use cloud computing, satellite imagery, and AI, to build a more holistic view of the forests, water cycles, and biodiversity that intersect its supply chain. This technology supports Unilever’s goal of achieving a deforestation-free supply chain by 2023.
  • “Lenovo Green Supply Chain Data Management Platform (GSCDM)” by Lenovo — A platform that has improved the effectiveness of Lenovo’s green supply chain management, reduced testing and certification costs, and lowered the risk of enterprise green supply chain issues.
  • “Connected Network” by Western Digital — “Western Digital was selected for the Supply Chain Innovation category for its innovative use of digital twin technologies that integrate its supply chain network data to perform analyses and support decisions that have had a tangible impact on lead times and costs, as well as supporting continuous innovation for future initiatives,” says Krishnan.
IDC Supply Chain Technology Leaders Recognition Program
IDC Supply Chain Technology Leaders Recognition Program



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