Global Smart Logistic Summit 2019 In Hangzhou

The Opening of GSLS 2019

Source: Internet, Global Smart Logistic Summit (GSLS) Official

The 5th Global Smart Logistic Summit was held in Hangzhou, China, All the leading technology companies, express and logistic companies attended the event, the partners of the summit includes: CaiNiao, Boeing, Urovo, Nestle, Youku, CeMAT, Blue Sword and QianNiu. The main theme of this year is “Accelerate the Digitalization” (Driving Digitalization), the exhibition presented Unmanned logistic in warehouse, Drone for express, unpiloted driving with 5G Cellular network and AI space.

ZHANG Yong, Chairman of the board of CaiNiao, CEO of Alibaba

The first section, Yong ZHANG gives a speech, which mentioned the whole express parcels 2018 in China already reached 50 billion pieces, increased 12 billion pieces compared with 2017, the growth 12 billion is more than the total parcels in USA. In the upcoming years, the digitalization could become digitalization and intelligentization, that means more smart and AI technology will be implemented to current digital operation, for excample, in the warehouse, transportation vehicle and hands-on device.

Xuemei GU, CTO of CaiNiao, said the company will co-launch a IoT open platform together with the logistic and express companies, it allows any smart device to connect to this open platform to optimise the operation.

The theme of the GSLS 2019

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