Former Elpida CEO Joined China Tsinghua Unigroup

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Yukio Sakamoto (坂本 幸雄 さかもと ゆきお, born in 1947), former Elpida CEO joined Tsinghua Unigroup as vice president, also assigned as CEO of Japan Sub-company, Tsinghua Unigroup is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in China, who is going to accelerate the innovation in the industry. Sakamoto is impressed by the development of the semiconductor industry in China. During the fierce market competition, Elpida filed for bankrupt in 2012, then they were acquired by Micron in 2013, who is one of the leading DRAM manufacturers in the USA. In other media interviews, he said he doesn’t like his career been ended with a failure story, so he wants to have another challenge to change it.

In August.2019, Unigroup has signed an agreement with Chongqing city, to develop a DRAM BU and manufacturing factory for the company, it was estimated to start manufacturing in 2021. The Japan company plans to recruit about 100 staff for the new design center in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The goal of Unigroup is to have massive manufacture for DRAM within 5 years.

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