China Is The Leading Country To Travel In The ASEAN Region

ASEAN-China Summit

Source: Yahoo, PR Newswire, ReportLinker, ASEAN

Feb.28.2020, Shanghai

A research report by ReportLinker said Chinese tourists will keep growing in ASEAN Region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), one of the reason is proximity and availability of heavily discounted travel packages along with eased visa applications, also because of the GDP per capita 2019 is estimated to be $10,099, the constant increase in personal incomes, the middle-class people’s special passion for tourism and shopping. During the last 15 years, Chinese tourists become sky-rocketing numbers, and China has roughly one-fifth of the global population: 1.41 billion.

Opening Ceremony of the 35th ASEAN Summit and related summits

The overview of the report mentioned that the major driver for the tourism industry is the government focus, which is growing. This “ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan” 2016–2025 is aimed to improve the tourism quality as well as the destinations in the region.

The Southeast Asia members of ASEAN have been enjoying a boom in their tourist sectors, due to the huge surge in the number of Chinese tourists. The main reasons include the huge rise of incomes in China, which is the second-largest economy, the large group of the middle class, and the affordability of air travel, especially the budget airlines. Chinese tourists have been flocking to Southeast Asian countries, contributes more than 40% of international tourists in intra-ASEAN tourism. In the last years, Thailand welcomed more than 10 million tourists from China annually. Almost one-third of Thailand’s 35.38 million foreign tourists came from China in 2017. The same trend could be observed for the other ASEAN members which will be an important driving factor for the Tourism growth in ASEAN.

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