Asia Pacific Pet Food Market Is Dominated By China And Japan

Image from Research and Markets

Source: Internet,, Championpetfoods, Royal Canin (Mars Inc.), United Pet Group Inc.

The Pet Food Market in China and Japan has USD 8 Billion value in the year 2019, the whole pet care markets have been derived by the pet food segment of the region, as a report said in Asia Pacific Pet Food Market Overview 2020–2025, recently released by Research and Markets.

Image from Champion Pet Foods
Image from Royal Canin, a petfood company belongs to Mars Inc.

The report titled “The Asia Pacific Pet Food Market, Overview, 2020–2025” gives the complete analysis of Asia Pacific’s pet market and its region-wise developments. The global pet care market is growing at a dramatic rate which is witnessing a gradual upsurge in pet ownership as well as spending on various pet care products. Among the top revenue-generating regions from the pet care market, Asia Pacific is viewed as one of the major pet care markets globally. In the last couple of years, the pet care industry has seen rapid growth as the owners have developed a behavior of family members towards the pets and are very much lean towards providing them with all the facilities.

The Products by Champion Pet Foods

​Globally, there are some famous players who hold the majority of shares in pet care. It is well expected that the market will see a lot of new players which is going to take the competition to a new level. Some of the major companies present in the market are as follows:
Nestle SA, Mars Incorporated, Colgate-Palmolive, JM Smucker, Blue-Buffalo, United pet group inc, Champion pet food, PLB international, Scott Pet Inc, Unicharm Inc, Laroy Group, Deuerer GMBH, Heristo AG, Well Pet, Proveedora La Perla S.A. De C.V, NicoluzziRacoes, Raw Gold, Promeal Ltd, Heritage foods Kenya ltd, Lider pet foods, De Haan Pet Food.

The changes observed in the pet owners are due to the technology and advent in online purchasing. This report provides a better insight into the pert care performance of various countries included in this region with historical and forecasted analysis.

Dingo, a petfood brand belongs to United Pet Group Inc.

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